Geomatics & Data Management

Geomatics is the science of gathering, storing, processing, analyzing, interpreting, distributing, and using geographic information.  WESA's geomatics specialists use modern tools and techniques to streamline access to spatial information and facilitate its management and manipulation. Our broad based project experience was developed using both industry-standard software platforms and custom applications.

Data Acquisition

The acquisition, integration and management of spatial and environmental data are pivotal to most environmental and engineering projects.  Efficient data management processes enable the seamless integration of all types of geo-spatial information into a coherent, standardized and efficient structure that allows open access to all site data.


Geomatics at WESA is in constant evolution.  Our extensive expertise in geoscientific applications includes areas such as GIS, spatial database design, data management, and the analysis and interpretation of project data.  WESA's Geomatics and Data Management Division utilizes advanced database and spatial analysis software tools to efficiently manage site analytical data, local and regional spatial data, and subsurface information. 

Geographic Information System and Cartography

WESA offers full-service GIS support to its clients. Our specialists are skilled in data creation, data analysis and cartographic design.  Our work focuses on the integration of GIS with all of our in-house disciplines, including hydrogeology, land use and environmental planning, and engineering.  Our services range from smaller projects, such as developing illustrative maps, to large-scale projects that involve data conversion, data creation and data analysis.  With our in-house CAD capabilities, we are able to move between different CAD and GIS data formats.

  • Cartographic and thematic data and map production
  • Geostatistics and spatial data analysis and modelling
  • 3D Environment data creation and presentation
  • Application needs analysis and development (.NET, JavaScript, VBScript)

Remote Sensing and Image Processing

Our broad-based expertise includes satellite image interpretation and processing, with an extensive knowledge of the acquisition systems currently available or soon to be available. With this knowledge, we can select the best imagery available for each project's needs and desired outcomes.  Our versatile team can then easily integrate results and interpretations from remote sensing and image processing to a GIS platform for further review, analysis and presentation of the results.

  • Data acquisition planning
  • Multi spectral and hyper spectral Imagery Processing and Analysis
  • Aerial photo mosaics and orthorphotography imagery processing
  • Digital elevation model (DEM) extraction and modeling

Field Surveys and Mapping Compilation

Our technical team is trained to gather spatial information in the field using state of the art collection systems. Collected using a total station or a GNSS Global Positioning System, the newly acquired data can then be directly imported and integrated into geo-referenced databases for immediate processing. We also deliver a complete aerial photography and photogrammetric mapping service for generating detailed topographic mapping of the project area.  Other specialized services also include bathymetric surveys for water volumes or engineering feasibility studies.

  • Control surveys
  • Topographic and volumetric surveys
  • Aerial photography, photography control and photogrammetric surveys
  • Hydrographic and bathymetric surveys

Data Architecture and Data Base Design

Project data obtained from a wide variety of sources can quickly be converted into a format accessible to our scientists.  WESA has created standardized data models for managing the evolving flow of information from our clients to our systems and methods. The standardized model helps our project teams and clients in delivering a clean and concise data structure. Our team can also install and collect monitoring network data to deliver temporal data analysis that can be automatically transferred into project databases where they can be further processed for modelling.

  • Multi-source data compilation and integration
  • Data architecture and database design
  • Establishment of temporal monitoring network


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